mPay Connect Consulting Services

mPay Connect, Inc. is a consulting service which specializes in providing assistance to clients seeking to launch or leverage mobile money services globally. Our clients have included banks and mobile network operators, startups, development agencies, NGOs, and governments. mPay connect is experienced in serving clients with banked and unbanked customers. We provide advisory services in a number of functional areas including market strategy and opportunity assessment, strategic planning, vendor analysis, and implementation. We charge for our services as a retainer or by fixed fee per project.


mPay Connect works closely with our clients to ensure the highest quality work. We apply a five-step methodology to our mobile money projects, bringing in relevant experts for various stages of the project. We serve our clients in a variety of these areas based on our client’s needs. Our core expertise is in the first three areas of the methodology, but we can work with partners to support the latter two areas as needed.