Mobile Financial Service Roadmap for U.S. Mobile Network Operator

Project Overview and Scope:  mPay Connect was hired by a U.S. Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to develop their mobile financial services product roadmap predominantly around stored value, remittances, and P2P domestic transfers for their unbanked customer base.  The project had three phases:  1) Validate and understand client’s assets, strategic vision, and customer needs by segment as it related to mobile financial services; 2) Define strategic options for mobile payments services; and 3) Provide a recommended product plan and roadmap.


Deliverables and Results:  mPay Connect delivered three interim and one final presentation as well as an excel business financial model.  The final presentation consisted of the recommended mobile financial services high level concept, customer experience illustration by segment and use case by payment type, a product roadmap, and a drill down of the elements of the product concept for go-to-market sales and marketing strategy including user interface, vendors selected, business model arrangements, pricing/rate plan, and distribution outlets for the service.  Implementation of this strategy is a work-in-progress.

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