B2B Mobile Payments Design for JV Between Asian Mobile Operator & Global Bank

Project Overview and Scope:   For a JV between a large Asian mobile operator and a global bank, mPay Connect created the high level product design of a business-to-business mobile payments system to be used world-wide for its global Fortune 100 brands seeking to eliminate cash in the supply chain. mPay Connect managed a global client team in four offices during this engagement. During this engagement, mPay Connect led the team’s efforts in identifying customer needs, defining high level product requirements, and designing the solution. mPay Connect delivered customer flows, options for user interface technologies, and pros/cons of each approach.


Deliverables and Results:   mPay Connect delivered an in-depth presentation illustrating six scenarios/story boards for design of business-to-business global system with detailed user flows based on technology supported, nature of relationship with mobile network operators, and other identified requirements. Based on prioritized requirements criteria, mPay Connect recommended a course of action.

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